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Reading University

Goal of Reading University

Reading University (RU) is an academic program that introduces students to value-based literature and informational texts and increases vocabulary through independent reading.  The goal of the Reading University program is to instill a love for independent reading in each of our students.

Books teach.  Stories and characters immerse readers in experiences that influence their lives.  VALUES-BASED LITERATURE sets proper examples for our students to follow as they develop personal character, form relationships, overcome hardships, determine right and wrong, and deal with life.  INFORMATIONAL TEXT provides an important knowledge of the natural and the social world.  It offers students exposure to various subject areas such as history, science, art, music, and math thus increasing their learning ability across the curriculum.  Children who read informational text may progress more quickly in reading level, become better writers, be better prepared for real-life reading thus preparing them for success in later schooling.  Ideally, students will “learn to read” and then they will “read to learn.”

VOCABULARY is the primary indicator of student academic potential and the primary skill reflected on national IQ and college entrance exams.  Increased vocabulary is effectively acquired through INDEPENDENT READING.  It is estimated that to be academically proficient over time, students need to learn 3,000 new vocabulary words each year.  This is obtainable if students read independently every day.  Students who become excellent readers and who perform well academically read independently an hour a day or more.  Thus, it is vital to the goals of American Preparatory Academy that each student becomes a prolific independent reader.

Reading University Program

RU requires students to read a specified number of books each quarter from the Reading University book list and according to their grade level requirements.  Students will read independently for 30-60 minutes daily at a minimum.  Teachers should encourage students to read informational and biographical literature as well as fiction.  Our aim is to develop students who enjoy reading as entertainment but are also able to read for information and to experience high quality literature that may have little entertainment appeal.  Each student who completes his K-9 education at American Preparatory Academy will have independently read over 130 books through the Reading University program!

  • Students may read books at their grade level, one grade level below their level, or at any level above their grade level.
  • Students in Kindergarten and First Grade have the option of self-reading or being read to.
  • Only books that are on the RU list qualify for this program.
  • Students may not read a book for credit more than one time.
  • Books read to students in school do not qualify for RU.

Elementary Required Reading (per term)

Grade     Reading
K           8 Books
           8 Books
2            6 Books
           5 Books
           3 Books
5            3 Books
6            3 Books

2012-13 RU Deadlines and Store Dates

Term RU Period Begins RU Period Ends    RU Store
1st Aug. 27 Oct. 17    Oct. 29
2nd Oct. 22 Jan. 14    Jan. 28
3rd Jan. 15 March.18    Mar. 31
4th March.19 May.15    Jun. 2

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